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Recent books and magazine articles relevant to wolverines in the West.

The Wolverine Way is an exciting new book by the well-known nature and adventure writer Douglas Chadwick and published by Patagonia Corporation.  Here is a brief description in Doug’s own words,

“It homes in on groundbreaking research carried out over half a dozen years in the Crown of the Continent, chiefly within Glacier National Park. I volunteered for the Glacier Wolverine Project for a number of years and continue to assist with ongoing field work. I love the mountain country these animals inhabit, and I love the sense of discovery that comes from glimpsing bits and pieces of their lives among the peaks. If only I could keep up for longer...... But I don't mind being left rubber-legged and out of breath below another cliff or avalanche slope. There's wild and there's strong and there's unrelenting, and then there's wolverine. Nobody keeps up for long.” 

Check out this cool video Doug’s son Russell made to promote his dad’s book—the footage somersaulting wolverines is priceless!


Wolverines in a Warming World, also by Doug Chadwick

Wolverines made the cover story in the Spring 2010 issue of Defenders of Wildlife’s national magazine.  Here is an excerpt:

"When the male [wolverine] reached the headwall, he started up its towering stone face via a cleft known as Iceberg Notch. It would have taken me half a day to reach the top of the nearly vertical, 1,500-foot chute using climbing rope and pitons. But M1 didn’t pause. With his two-inch long claws digging into the wind-packed snow like crampons, he scaled the wall in about 20 minutes. Then he crossed through the notch in a plume of gust-driven flakes and dropped onto the Pacific side of North America. The ridgeline blocked his radio signal. And just like that, the wild mountaineer was gone, off to patrol the rest of a territory that encompassed almost 200 square miles along the continent’s crown…"

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