Who is doing what to better understand the conservation status and needs of wolverines in the American West.

Wolverines are one of the rarest and least known carnivores in the American West. Due to their low numbers and inaccessible habitat, they are exceedingly difficult to study.  Up until the past decade, just two field studies had been conducted.  That number has since increased, but we still can’t answer some basic questions about where they still survive in the western U.S., let alone their population numbers or trends in those areas.  Perhaps even more important, we need better information on how they are affected by human activities and developments, like human highways, ski resorts and winter recreation in their habitat. 

Compared to other carnivores like grizzly bears and wolves, our knowledge of wolverine ecology is limited, but scientists are working hard to change this. The more we know about wolverine natural history, ecology and conservation, the better we will be at making decisions to sustain this iconic species into the future.  For more information on wolverine science and research, please choose from the links in the lefthand sidebar.