Ideas for sharing your knowledge and interest in wolverines.

  • If you see tracks of a wolverine or are lucky enough to see a wolverine yourself, take photos! And fill out a sighting form by clicking here! If you see one in Wyoming, you can report your sighting by clicking here. If you see a wolverine in the Canadian Rockies, please submit your sighting here.
  • Volunteer at one of the organizations involved in the Wolverine Network
  • Teach:  try your own hand at informing the public on what you know of wolverines (create your own blog, add to the curriculum in a local classroom...)
  • Encourage local organizations to include wolverines in their program and curriculum (ask your local museum or zoo if they will include wolverines in their exhibits and outreach materials...)
  • Be creative:  make postcards, e-mails, bumper-stickers with the wolverine logo to inform others that this little critter exists!