why wolverines need help

Wolverines have survived this long in the American West out of our neglect.  Yet now we must make a conscious effort to ensure their survival.

Wolverine is not yet a household word, and while a lot of great work is underway to understand, protect and restore wolverines and their habitats, they receive only a fraction of the resources devoted to many other more well-known species.  The research, advocacy and management efforts that exist tend to be piecemeal, opportunistic and hand-to-mouth, rather than comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable.  Ensuring this iconic species’ long-term survival will require a concerted effort to meet important research and conservation needs, and to raise the profile of wolverines in the public eye. 

Especially given the daunting challenge posed by  climate change, our current research and conservation capacity may not be sufficient to ensure the wolverine’s survival in the American West.