Wolverine Network

Wolverine Network is a group of wolverine researchers, educators, advocates and other citizens passionate about wolverines in the western U.S.  Our purpose is to build awareness, understanding and support for wolverine research, conservation and management to ensure the long-term survival of this amazing species.


New Report on Wolverines in Greater Yellowstone

Wolverines in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem can really move, they need a lot of room to roam, there are not very many of them in the large

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Wolverines and Climate Change Publication

Congratulations to Dr. Kevin McKelvey of the U.S. Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station and his eight co-authors for the publication of their

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Wolverines and Winter Recreation

The effects of winter recreation on wolverines is critical conservation question currently under study in central Idaho.  Winter 2009-2010 was the first year of

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